THE TOUGHEST KNIVES YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF...  Not very famous but have been in some nasty places- Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, etc.  Thanks for looking!

Hi, my name is Denny.  I'm a knife nut from way back, and have used a lot of different styles, brands, types of steel, etc in my different lines of work, and in the outdoors, on my own.  I especially developed a strong appreciation for knives during my time in the army, though; and I found that the best knives are the ones that will not break.  Whether you are playing around with and throwing them, or if you are employing them in rough work.  Tantos especially, in my experience, have filled that role.  I don't like pretty knives, except to look at.  And you won't find any here.  I complete each knife entirely by hand, and don't employ any gimmicks.  My tools include: an eight inch grinder that does everything from cut the blanks out of the leaf springs I use, to shaping, to putting the initial bevels; an assortment of files; a 2X42 belt sander; and a charcoal grill I use for the heat treat.   If you are interested my email is

Persian style knife made for a friend.  My first successful full hollow grind!


A Combat tanto.  7" blade, quarter inch thick of goodness, or badness.

Another Besh wedge knife.

The FC3, don't ask.  It comes from playing a certain video game...  6" blade 1/4" thick.

This is the Darkness.  A bowie style knife, and my biggest one yet.  This has a blade of 10 3/4",  is 2" wide at its widest, and started life as a 5/16" thick truck leaf spring

My KopisKnife.  It has a 5 3/4" blade, 1/4" rhick, and in of course, the kopis or falcatta style blade format.  It is flat ground with a bottle opener. 

This design is of course a khukri.  I started on this about a year to a year and a half ago, and just never finished it until now.   The blade is just under 8", is 5/16" thick, and is flat ground. 

Besh Wedge combat knife.  5" blade,  1 3/8" wide.  One of my favorites. 

A newer version of the Dangerous Liberty.  This one was designed to fit in a Spec-Ops Brand sheath.  Just under 6" blade,  1 3/4" wide, 1/4" thick.  I also put a top guard on this, and oddly enough, this guard will pop the top off  beer bottles! 

The Ratsach:  5" blade, 1/4" thick with the Besh Wedge.  I modeled it loosely after the Echanis Hobbit Warrior.  This knife was intended to be a "fighting" knife, but turns out has a lot of survival qualities: curved leading edge for skinning, serrations that cut wood quite well; the recurve that allows for finer cutting and for gutting a dead animal.  No, the top guard doesn't open bottles.

The Chupacabra.  Mean and nasty defensive knife with a bottle opener so you can crack open a beer to celebrate your survival!  7 1/2" overall; 3 3/8" blade; 1/4" thick.  This uses the Besh Wedge, and is wicked sharp. 

This knife I called the Gila.  It is based off of a martial arts knife that I refined and added an extra blade catcher to the top, thereby doubling the highly improbable odds of it actually catching a blade.  2 3/4" blade, 3/16" thick.

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